Use the Song searcher below to find the perfect song for the evening. Over 16000 song to choose from.



About Choosing Songs

IMPORTANT: Please try and select & songs that are no longer than around 4 minutes. We will allow one song over 5 minutes for each team if anyone is thinking of tackling the likes of Bohemian Rhapsody or Stairway to Heaven, but we'll have a number of songs to get through on the night, so the target is 4 minutes per song.


Seems as though one or two of the songs are being wildly exagerative about their duration. Hue and Cry "Labour of Love" for example is NOT 11 minutes and 19 seconds long, but rather 3 minutes 53 seconds. Neither is Van Morrison "Moondance" 10:53, but rather 03:56. Apologies if you find any of these, do get in touch at if you find a song you want to sing but you suspect it's duration is too long. We'll dig out the actual time and send it back to you.


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